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Your country Italy has great history related with ancient road. My first question is Do you write poems often on Road? 

1 - I think that all the literature in every country is constituted by poems, tales or novels about “The Road”. Because the Road is the metaphore ef our life. We travel not only trought the spaces but also trought the time. Our whole life can be considered a road full of encounters, stop-overs toghether other people. In our literature we have  a lot of big poet and writers which wrote about road:   the first example is without any doubt Dante Alighieri and his wonderful  Divina Commedia: this poema  is an allegoric road of Dante from Hell to Heaven, that means from  Evil   to Right, from the dark to the light, from the sin to the deliverance.

I didn’t write  propely poems about  the road. But I think a lot of my poems are metaphores of the road. Because poetry is for me a road to knowledge,  thus inseparable from reason.

The poet, thanks to his own sensibility, has a sort of magnifying glass that allows him to see "the golden heart" of things, to discover the essence of reality.

I can read some of my poems that are example of road:  a poem about Birth, but also about the start of the road that every  human being  has to undertake. Birth and Daeath are the start and the end of our road interpreted as our life. But also “La bambina irlandese    is a poems about life and death, a poem about our road that is metaphore of  our life.


 In Japan, since Nara era more than 1300 years ago, poets wrote so many poems on the road. However, nowadays, peoples interests in the road is  getting less. Young people are indifferent with such images and do not try to get new image of the road. How do you think about creation new image of the road?

2 – If I think about the Road in Japanese literature and expecially Japanese poetry, I think the  tanka of Saigyo Hoshi (included in the Shinkokinshu). He abandoned his family to become buddist monk and after he  travelled througt Japan writing wonderful tanka about nature and religion.He was a model for  Basho,  one of the most important Japanese poet : he went trought the life and language making of his road a song of the world. I don’t think nowadays  people interest in the road is getting less. I rather  think that is changing our perception of the road. I mean, nowadays the distances are shortened travelling by plane, for example and expeciallly are shortened by mass media, above all TV and computer: we can travel just sitting at home and watching  images of every country in the world. So our road became a kind of virtual road .But this is not so bad: I think we live in a very critical age, where technology has a deep impact on our kind of life,  radically changing all our habits. We cannot refuse this situation, we have to deal with it. On the other hand in Europe a lot of people are attracted by ancient road. For example the world famous Cammino di Santiago, from Saint Jan Pie de Port (Roncisvalle -France) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) for a lot of people is take a road not only for religious reason but also because  is a kind of travel inside themselves, a kind of purification, of redemption.


Viewing on ancient times, road is regarded the source of the life, also sometimes the ruins of ancient civilization are discovered at the bottom of the sea. Poets are moves very much by such news and inspired to writing poems. Here is the last question,- What is the road, what is path for you?- Please let us know

3 – The road for me is my whole life, with the good and the bad things I meet during this wonderful travel. And poetry is  my travel fellow. It help me  to deliver the answers to various essential questions that the mankind has always been arguing about: the comprehension of nature, the universe, where we come from and where we are expected to continue going. From this point of view, I believe that thescientist (physicist, mathematician) and the poet, both operate in areas of culture and knowledge,importantly linked together. Creativity is another aspect that scientists, mathematicians and physicist, and poets share together. Creativity is intuition, imagination: the scientists often has the intuition about what he aims to demonstrate; in the same way, the poet has the intuition of what he aims to show, since poetry cannot demonstrate anything, differently than philosophy and science, but rather "reveal".

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